A Beautiful Crop

Individual blue flowers appear each day and develop into seedpods.  The seedpods are round and form in clusters.

A field of blue flowers, flax growing in the UK
A field of blue Linseed flowers growing in the UK

Linseed (Flax) and its Many Uses

The  Latin name is Linum usitatissimum, which means “the most useful”. It was one of the very first crops to be cultivated and for thousands of years has been used to make linen, rope, thread, paper, oil, paint, medicine and food.

Ripe flax ready to harvest
Ripe Linseed seedpods ready to harvest

Linseed or Flax

Linseed and Flax are the same (most of the time).  For food and health purposes, when bought from a reputable source they are two names for the same thing.  In the UK Linseed is still a common name and it is grown under that name but the rest of the world is increasingly following the American name for it “Flax”.  Read more about Flax or Linseed what’s the difference?

Two Varieties

There are two colours of Linseed – Gold and Bronze. Just like an Apple a day no matter whether red or green keeps the Doctor away, Gold and Bronze Linseed are equally as good for you.  Brown/Bronze or Gold Linseed which is best?

Freshly cold-milled ground gold and bronze flax (linseed)
Freshly cold-milled Ground Gold and Bronze Linseed 

A Very Healthy Food

Linseed is a very rich source of the nutrients Doctors tell us we should eat more of, which is a very good reason for making Flaxjacks, which contain a lot of freshly ground Linseed in each bar.

Flax Farm Wheat-free Blackcurrant Flaxjacks healthy linseed flapjacks
Flax Farm Wheat-free, Blackcurrant Flaxjacks

The seeds should be ground to get the maximum benefit of the nutrients.


Linseed is 25% Omega-3 fatty acid which is more Omega-3 than a can of Sardines.

Dietary Fibre

Linseed contains twice as much total fibre than Bran; three times more soluble fibre than Porridge Oats and is better than other sources of fibre because it is very gentle and works naturally with the body enhancing the gut biome (good gut bacteria).


A great source of healthy, Vegetable Protein. Linseed has twice as much Protein as Oats, Pasta or Lentils.


Linseed contains no starch and is virtually sugar-free and carb-free.  This, with its high level of dietary fibre, makes it a very low GI (glycaemic index) ingredient and makes the Flaxjacks lower GI than other oat bars. It is noticeably more filling and sustaining with slow release energy.  Great for snacks that really keep you going or as a sustaining sports bar after exercise.


The flax for Flaxjacks is grown in the UK
The Linseed for Flaxjacks growing in the UK

A Sustainable Source of Important Nutrients

Linseed is grown on the land like cereals. It can be grown in rotation with other crops and is an environmentally friendly, sustainable source of Protein and Omega-3 and a great alternative to fish. The Linseed used for Flaxjacks is grown here in the UK for fewer food miles.

The flax for Flaxjacks is grown in the UK
The Linseed for Flaxjacks is grown in the UK


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