Flaxjacks, real food, real nutrition, great flavour

The luscious flavour of Flaxjacks comes from the freshly cold-milled Linseed. They are such delicious cakes you probably wouldn’t guess they are full of great Flax goodness, rich in important nutrients and slow release energy which makes them the ideal food for many occasions.

Slow release energy, sustaining, energising

Walking around a golf course, a long distance walk,  cycle ride, quick lunch and need to keep working all afternoon or getting in from work and need the energy to do the chores?

Flaxjacks are different

Most bars and sweet snacks cause a big rise in blood sugar, followed by an even bigger drop leaving you feeling more tired than before. Flaxjacks are different and more sustaining. Being rich in Ground Linseed they release their energy more gradually over a longer period of time keeping you feeling energised for longer.

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