Flaxjacks are made from Flax

Flax is amazing

Not only do Flaxjacks taste great but they contain enough Linseed (Flax) to really do you good while you are enjoying them. Linseed is such a superfood you’ll often notice the benefits quite quickly.

Linseed is used to help improve health in many ways. Each Flaxjack gives you a good helping of Ground Linseed so you get the benefits of this healthy food in a delicious cake.

The type of food  doctors tell us to eat more of

  • Linseed regulates our digestion and develops a healthy gut biome which supports our immune system.
  • Linseed balances hormones.
  • Linseed contains lots of Omega-3 which is important for the brain and mood – it helps your brain’s own endocannabinoids (your feel-good neurotransmitters) work better which is good for your mood and well-being
  • Linseed is a low GI food that lowers the glycaemic index of other ingredients which naturally regulates blood-sugar levels. It makes Flaxjacks slow release energy and sustaining, a snack to pick you up and keep you going.
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