The love of Linseed (Flax as it is becoming known) started fifteen years ago and Flax Farm started soon after.  It only takes a little Linseed to make a big difference.  We have seen it do so much good and it is true to say we are even more enthusiastic about it now than when we started.

It surprises many to know that Linseed grows well here in the UK and Flax Farm specialises in UK grown Linseed.  We are also registered with Organic Farmers and Growers and committed to being non-GM (non-genetically modified).

Fresh Linseed (aka Flax) is a wonderful food.  It tastes naturally delicious and doesn’t need anything doing to it other than cold-pressing for oil or cold-milling to make it easily digestible.

At Flax Farm that’s all we do to it.

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