Flaxjack Cranachan

Flaxjack raspberry cranachan, with whisky and oats and flax. Gluten-free, low sugar
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Too good to save for just Burn’s Night

I have always been a  fan of this traditional Scottish Dessert with its lovely ingredients: Raspberries, Honey, Oats and Whisky and this is the best Cranachan I’ve ever had. This Flaxjack version to me is what Cranachan should be -classy enough for parties but makes a quick, easy family dessert too. I have included several options so you can make it suitable for healthy diets and other alternatives if you like the idea but don’t have the exact ingredients to hand.

Simple and healthy

It is quick, delicious and can be made healthy and suitable to special diets and I have included some suggestions for Diabetic, Vegan and Dairy-free options.

Suggestions for substitutions

Raspberries make it the traditional version but in reality try any fruit, it will still be delicious. Try Coconut Yoghurt or Fat-free Yoghurt  instead of Cream. Try Yacon Syrup which is healthier instead of Honey or Maple Syrup. If you’ve drunk all the Whisky try Rum, Brandy or even Gin. More suggestions for alternatives for flavour or healthy diets below.

Flaxjack raspberry cranachan, with whisky and oats and flax. Gluten-free, low sugar
Flaxjack Raspberry Cranachan, with Whisky and Oats and Linseed. Gluten-free, Low Sugar

The Healthier more delicious cream

I have to give all credit to the late Dr Johanna Budwig for the delicious “Budwig Cream” which is simply Quark or Fat-Free strained Greek Yoghurt such as Total blended with Flax Farm Linseed oil, adding a few drops of Vanilla Extract and maybe a little Stevia depending on your palate.  Budwig Cream is high in Protein, free of Saturated Fat and rich in Omega-3 (which is made more absorbable by the dairy protein) and makes this a great healthier alternative – I prefer it to Cream for flavour .


  • 4 x Golden Vanilla Flaxjacks (Works great with several other flavours of Flaxjack)
  • 400 ml of double cream (Or b;end 320g quark or strained fat-free Greek yoghurt with 65g Flax Farm Cold-pressed linseed (flax seed) oil)
  • 52 ml of Whiskey
  • 3 tablespoons of Honey (Traditionally heather honey but any good honey works)
  • 275 grams of Raspberries


  1. Crumble half the Flaxjacks in food processor and whiz to crumbs – or roughly chop into small pieces with a knife.
  2. Mix cream (or Budwig cream) with Whisky and Honey.
  3. Mash half the Raspberries with a fork.
  4. Take four small glasses (if you don’t have any suitable glasses just make it in a pretty bowl a bit like a trifle.Layer the ingredients starting with whole and mashed Raspberries, then some crumbled Flaxjacks, followed by Cream and Whisky mix, then repeat layers and finish with a topping of Flaxjack and whole Raspberries.Cut the remaining Flaxjacks into four halves and serve
    Can be eaten immediately or leave a few hours for the raspberries to soak into the Flaxjacks. Can be stored up to 24 hours stored in the fridge.


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