Homemade Luxury Flapjacks

with health benefits of linseed

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Exciting Flavours

Flaxjacks are handmade linseed (flax) cakes taking flapjacks to a whole new level of luxury and flavour whilst being packed with linseed goodness.

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Flaxjacks Make Brilliant Gifts

Whether fans of conventional flapjacks or not, most people love Flaxjacks. They make an inspired gift for many occasions.

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More Linseed Products for Your Wellbeing

Flax Farm produces a range of great tasting foods, including breakfasts and cakes made from freshly cold-milled ground linseed .


Enjoy the rich taste of flax in our Flaxjacks. There is a range of lovely varieties simply made with ground flax, fruits, seeds, grains and spices.

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About Us

Flax Farm was started almost fifteen years ago and specialises in UK grown linseed products.

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How are Flaxjacks Made?

Flaxjacks are made from Flax Farm freshly ground flax (linseed) to which we add ordinary ingredients.

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What is Flax?

Flax is also known as linseed. These healthy flapjacks are cakes that contain a high proportion of Flax Farm ground flax.

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Good For Your Body & Soul

Not only do Flaxjacks taste great but they contain enough Flax to really do you good while you are enjoying them.

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Lots of Flaxjacks are gluten-free cakes

Helping With Special Diets

Our special diet options use only the best alternative ingredients so that even the free-from options are nutritious and taste great.

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Sustained energy bar Flaxjacks

Great For Breakfast & Snacking

Flaxjacks are full of great flax goodness, rich in important nutrients and slow release energy.

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Tasty Flaxjacks Recipes

Tasty meals and snacks you can make with Flaxjacks.